Partners and Affiliates

At DotWell, we strongly believe in building partnerships for creating positive change; many together can achieve what one alone cannot. We work with our many affiliates to strengthen the community of Dorchester at multiple levels and angles, so among our affiliates you can find everyone from community health providers to grassroots initiatives.

Major partnerships

Codman Square Health Center
Codman Square Health Center opened its doors in 1979 to serve as a resource for improving the physical, mental, and social well-being of the community. Codman Square Health Center serves over 20,000 patients a year and is a Federally Qualified Health Center and receives federal support through its designation as a section 330 community health center.

DotHouse Health
DotHouse Health’s mission is: to be an essential resource for our community in its efforts to achieve the highest levels of health, well-being and quality of life for its residents; to provide affordable, accessible and exceptional health care and other essential services in an environment that respects our consumers, staff and diverse community; and to be a leading force for change in the health, economic and social well-being of our community.

Partners and Affiliates

Breath of Life Dorchester (BOLD) Teens
The BOLD Teens are committed to protecting and enhancing the health, safety, and environment of our community through education, service and advocacy.

Codman Square Connection
The Codman Square Connection encourages community members to communicate with each other and develop support systems within the community. The Codman Square Connection starts with connecting to neighborhoods, communicating with each other, collaborating on initiatives and utilizing services within the city.

Codman Square Neighborhood Council
The Codman Square Neighborhood Council is an all-volunteer, grassroots group of community residents and partners seeking to improve living and working in Codman Square.

Dorchester Youth Collaborative
The mission at Dorchester Youth Collaborative is to engage these teens in relationships and projects that promote the health and safety of the community and the psycho-social development of the youth.

MyDorchester is a partnership between Social Capital Inc. and DotWell with the goal of strengthening our community by connecting individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives such as volunteering.